X-Wing Star Wars Star Fighter T65B 4D Paper Model

X-Wing Star Wars Star Fighter T65B 4D Paper Model
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'X' Marks the Best Starfighter
Expand your Star Wars collection when you grab this Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter T65B 4D Paper Model. With just a few hours of assembling, you'll have this magnificent spacecraft in your home. Sadly, it will only be 1/35th of the size of an actual X-Wing Starfighter. You won't be taking down any Death Stars with this paper model. However, your Star Wars collection will look spectacular with this master craft sitting in the middle of it. Thanks to the instructions, you can be reassured that your X-Wing will look professionally made. Proudly display it on the included stand anywhere in your home. Each time you glance at it, it can take you to a galaxy far, far away. 

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