The Black Series Star Wars Trapper Wolf Electronic

The Black Series Star Wars Trapper Wolf Electronic
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Feel Like The Real Deal
Whether you are planning to expand your Star Wars collection or celebrate your love for the franchise this Halloween, we would like to help. Check out this awesome Star Wars: Trapper Wolf The Black Series Electronic Helmet. When you toss on this amazing replica you'll know almost exactly what it feels like to be a pilot for the New Republic. That is, of course, minus the enemy starships zipping around trying to shoot you down!
The Details
Finally, enjoy a Star Wars experience unlike any other. When you toss on this helmet, you'll see your world as the X-Wing starfighter pilot, Trapper Wolf, does thanks to the yellow-tinted lens. All of the details you remember from the film are included in this replica. From the yellow designs on the top and sides to the shape and dimensions of the helmet, not a single aspect is missing!
With the power of 3 batteries, you will be able to activate the electronic functions of this helmet. There are three internal speakers on the helmet. The batteries will also power up the lights on the helmet. Thanks to these speakers and lights, you will feel and look like you really just flew in from a galaxy far, far away!

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