Star Wars The Black Series Elite Darth Revan Force FX Lightsaber

Star Wars The Black Series Elite Darth Revan Force FX Lightsaber
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The Path Between
Those gifted with the power of the Force face an important choice. It's a choice much more important than what to have for breakfast or what music playlist to listen to while at the gym. It's the choice between the light and the dark. For some, it might seem obvious, but for most, like Darth Revan, it's not so easy.
Plagued by a perilous journey, each of Darth Revan's choices pull him closer and closer to an inevitable fate… and his lightsaber reflects his choices. If his path draws him to the dark side, his weapon may end up glowing with the red hue of the Sith. Should he veer towards the path of the Jedi, his saber may become the soft purple hue of a Jedi Master, like Mace Windu's lightsaber.
Fun Details
This Star Wars Darth Revan Force FX Lightsaber is a Black Series Elite collectible that captures the conflicted nature of Darth Revan and his journey. The lightsaber comes with a metallic hilt with detailed features that capture the look and feel of his signature weapon. It also comes with a saber that glows either red or purple by pressing a button on the hilt. It makes realistic sound effects from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. It's the lightsaber for anyone who walks the line between light and dark!

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