Star Wars Rex Statue Premier Collection from Clone Wars

Star Wars Rex Statue Premier Collection from Clone Wars
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Clone Captain
Do you think all clone troopers look the same? If your only experience with them is through the Star Wars films, then we can't really blame you. But if you've seen the animated Clone Wars series, then you'll know that although Jango Fett's clones share genetics, they're all different people. They have their own names, hairstyles, tattoos, and opinions, just like everyone else in the galaxy.
We loved getting to know a whole host of clone characters through the show, and one of our very favorites is Captain Rex! He worked closely with Anakin and Ahsoka throughout the Clone Wars, and even managed to escape the control of the Empire after Order 66. We think he's a great commander, friend, and hero who deserves to be celebrated!
Fun Details
Bring home your favorite clone captain when you get this Star Wars Premier Collection Rex Statue. This resin figure displays his armor as seen in the Clone Wars series, and even comes with an interchangeable head, free of his helmet. This collectible item is approximately 10 inches tall, with intricate sculpted and painted details. Add this high-quality figure to your Star Wars collection to show some appreciation for this exceptional character!

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