Star Wars Mandalorian The Child Flip Down Beanie

Star Wars Mandalorian The Child Flip Down Beanie
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Baby Yoda, He Is
Just look at that little green face. Those big bubbly eyes, filled with wonder. Those adorable ears that waggle back and forth. That light green skin. Those incredibly powerful Force powers! What's not to love about that little guy?
Well, we love the little guy so much, we want to bring him along with us everywhere we go. Of course, we don't really have a tracking fob to find the little dude, so we had to improvise a way to bring The Child with us everywhere. We live in the icy cold land of Minnesota, so naturally, we decided to get a nice, warm hat based on the adorable Star Wars character.
Fun Details
This officially licensed Star Wars beanie is inspired by The Mandalorian character! It's knit from a stretch material, so one size fits most. It also features a pair of stuffed, oversized ears attached to the sides. The front has Baby Yoda's big black eyes on the front and it even has a flip-down front that can be worn over your eyes. The mesh covering allows for site, so you can wear it as a unique way to cosplay as The Child.

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