Star Wars Mandalorian Mudhorn Flex Fit Cap

Star Wars Mandalorian Mudhorn Flex Fit Cap
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Subtle Wars
What might seem like a perfectly normal black hat with a cool symbol on it, is actually a super awesome Star Wars accessory! That's not just some sort of Rhino skull embroidered on this cap. No, it is much better than that. It is actually a sigil from Star Wars. It is the Mudhorn signet. It is worn by Mando after he takes down the fearsome beast (with a little help from his little green pal, Grogu)!
Give your favorite Star Wars fan a fun and subtle way to celebrate their nerdy side when you grab them this Star Wars Mandalorian Flex Fit Hat. Of course, if you are looking for a way to show your love for the franchise without scaring people off in your Mandalorian cosplay costume, get one for yourself too!

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