Star Wars Forge Luke Skywalker Electronic Toy Lightsaber

Star Wars Forge Luke Skywalker Electronic Toy Lightsaber
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A Jedi's Best Friend
You can't go out as your favorite Jedi without one important accessory. You need your very own lightsaber! If you want to go out as the beloved Luke Skywalker then you need to make sure you complete your costume with this amazing Star Wars Forge Luke Skywalker Electronic Lightsaber. Not only will you be equipped with Luke's blue lightsaber, but you will even get to build it yourself. Nothing gets you in a Jedi state of mind more than building a lightsaber.
Once you put this electronic toy kit together, you will be armed with one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. You'll be able to join the Rebellion and help in the fight to take down the Galactic Empire once and for all. With some proper training, you might even be able to finally bring balance to The Force! Take things one battle at a time this Halloween. Remember, it's the small victories that will build up and fuel the downfall of the Empire. 
Product Details
This Forge toy kit will come with everything you need to build your very own lightsaber. It comes with four pieces that will all interlock with one another. You'll have the saber's core, the handle, the hilt, and finally the blue light blade. Add more Forge Lightsabers to your collection and you'll even be able to customize a saber of your own design! Your Jedi costume can't be complete without this amazing accessory kit.

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