Star Wars Death Star Animal Pet Carrier

Star Wars Death Star Animal Pet Carrier
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Darkside Car Ride
The Star Wars universe is packed full of exciting animals. Throughout the movies and the show, we saw a number of them. They are usually variants of existing Earth creatures with a little twist (a horn here, and an extra tail there; stuff like that). Luckily, we Earthlings only have to deal with domesticated pets. Take our Death Star Pet Carrier from Star Wars for example. It is way too small to fit a wild bantha but is perfect for a small dog or a cat. This officially licensed carrier is an easy-to-carry tote that allows your pet to properly breathe and view their surroundings. The base pad is removable in case your little buddy has an accident. What's no accident is our attention to detail when is comes to the print of the Death Star. Vader himself would have kept a pet around if he had one of these. If you are a Star Wars fan, you'll love our Death Star Pet Carrier from Star Wars!

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