Star Wars Cad Bane Geeki Tiki Mug

Star Wars Cad Bane Geeki Tiki Mug
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Feeling Thirsty Punk? Well? Do Ya?
When you pour your refreshing beverage into this Geeki Tiki mug, you'll have the infamous Cad Bane watching over it. This feared bounty hunter trained under Jango Fett and even mentored Boba Fett. So we're sure you won't have to worry about anyone laying a finger on your drink. One look at Cad's face will send them running. Although, hopefully, they don't have a bounty on their head. Otherwise, you might go thirsty while Cad leaves to hunt them down and collect his payment.
This blue tiki mug is designed to resemble one of the galaxy's most feared bounty hunters. With his blood-red eyes and sharp teeth, Cad looks like one tough customer. Give this infamous Star Wars character a home among the rest of your collectible drinkware today!

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