Star Wars Boba Fett Crest Patch Beanie

Star Wars Boba Fett Crest Patch Beanie
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Fetter Than The Rest
You're the biggest Boba Fett fan you know, right? Then we have just one question for you. Why are you not wearing this awesome Star Wars Boba Fett Patch Beanie?! It was literally brought into existence with the sole purpose of warming the head of the biggest Boba Fett fan. It's the perfect way to be subtle about your love and admiration for the celebrated Bounty Hunter. Sure, you can go around wearing your Boba Fett cosplay costume. However, you might scare people away. People tend to run in the opposite direction when you walk towards them wearing Mandalorian Armor. Trust us, we know from experience. 
On the other hand, when you wear this innocent and amazing beanie, people will be none the wiser. They won't suspect that you are, in fact, Boba Fett's biggest fan. They might even ask you about the patch on your beanie! And that's when you let them have it. Hit them with the loads of Boba Fet knowledge you have stowed away in your mind. By the time you're done with them, they'll be singing Boba's praises too.

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