Star Wars Boba Fett Armor Crossbody Bag

Star Wars Boba Fett Armor Crossbody Bag
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No Pockets? No Problem!
Beskar armor is possibly some of the best in the galaxy. It can be customized to fit your body, it’s strong enough to protect you from blaster fire and lightsabers alike, and on top of all that, it just plain looks cool! But like most other materials, it has its downfalls. For example, even if beskar is custom fitted, we imagine you’d want to wear another layer underneath it, or the chafing could be terrible!
However, possibly the worst thing about beskar armor is its lack of pockets. And sure, you could keep some of your stuff in a utility belt, but that’s not the most secure option. We’re pretty sure that Boba Fett and other beskar-wearing characters would have really benefitted from carrying a bag of some kind—especially one that matches their armor!
Fun Details
When you add this Star Wars Boba Fett Armor Crossbody Bag to your wardrobe, you’ll be able to keep your essentials with you even when you’re wearing your beskar! This officially licensed bag is designed to imitate Boba Fett’s iconic armor, but it’s made of vegan leather instead. It has an adjustable strap and closes with a zipper to keep your stuff secure.

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