Star Wars 1/6 Scale Bust Mandalorian Fennec Shand

Star Wars 1/6 Scale Bust Mandalorian Fennec Shand
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The Fett's Best Bet
While Boba Fett is an amazing Bounty Hunter and is feared across the galaxy for good reason, people tend to forget an important fact. He didn't take over Mos Espa all by himself. He had help from a handful of powerful allies. The most important of those allies being his right hand, the deadly eagle-eyed mercenary Fennec Shand. She became Fett's first partner after he crawled his way out of the Sarlacc Pit.
Indebted to him for saving her life, she's helped him out of tight binds time and time again. Now she sits beside him and helps him rule over the Mos Espa territory with an iron fist. Celebrate this infamous bounty hunter by adding this Star Wars Mandalorian Fennec Shand 1/6 Scale Bust to your collection. It will be the perfect addition to your Star Wars display. Be sure to place it close to your Boba Fett collectible, as that is where she will feel most comfortable. 
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This collectible statue was meticulously crafted and includes even the smallest of details. Her rifle, her outfit, and even her hairstyle are all accurate to the Disney Plus series she is featured in. This limited edition piece will come with a certificate of authenticity that you can proudly display alongside it. Grab yours today and invite Boba Fett's #1 ally into your home.

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