Cakeworthy Star Wars Lunchbox Bag

Cakeworthy Star Wars Lunchbox Bag
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Luke, Use The Lunchbox
Pack your lunch with the power of The Force once you get your hands on this Cakeworthy Star Wars Lunchbox Purse. This black lunch bag features a printed-on image of the poster for the original Star Wars film. Luke, Leah, and Han all have their blasters drawn while Darth Vader has his lightsaber in hand. Obi-Wan, Chewy, C-3PO, and R2-D2 are also featured as well as the ominous Death Star.
Take your favorite characters from the original Star Wars trilogy with you to the lunch table when you add this officially licensed lunchbox to your school or work gear. While they may fight throughout the trilogy, they will work together in order to ensure your mid-day meal is always kept safe from any threat, be it the rebel scum or the Imperial dogs.

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