Boba Fett Star Wars Unisex Sleep Pants

Boba Fett Star Wars Unisex Sleep Pants
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Beneath the Armor
Do you think that Boba Fett sleeps in that armor? Nah, he probably has a nice pair of comfy lounge pants that he slips into when he's getting ready for bed. That Mandalorian Armor just doesn't seem too comfortable when you're trying to settle in for the evening! We bet he wears something like these sleep pants. These Boba Fett Unisex Star Wars Sleep Pants are made out of a cotton and polyester blend, much more comfortable than Beskar steel. The soft knit pants have elastic in the waist to provide a comfortable fit and even have a drawstring. The side of the pant leg has Boba Fett graphics, so you can rest easy knowing you still have a little bit of Boba Fett armor adorning your sleepwear!

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