Ahsoka Tano Geeki Tiki | Star Wars Drinkware

Ahsoka Tano Geeki Tiki | Star Wars Drinkware
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Togruta Tiki
It is no surprise that Ahsoka is one of the most beloved Star Wars characters out there. She's spunky, bright, and plays by her own—often wise—rules. But there are still several things that folks get wrong. Those colorful head tails, for example, leave most folks assuming that she's one of the Twi'leks that can be found all over the galaxy. Clearly, the motion-detecting horns atop her head and the trio of striped appendages prove she's a Togruta from Shili! Still, we recommend playing it cool. Take a sip from this Geeki Tiki Ahsoka Tano Mug and let those little things slide off you like water off a Pelikki's back.

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