3 Piece Sleepwear Set Star Wars | Star Wars Apparel

3 Piece Sleepwear Set Star Wars | Star Wars Apparel
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An Epic Saga
Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a mom was trying to put her kid to bed.
“But Mom!” the kid said, fastening a Boba Fett helmet under her chin, “The Rebellion is in jeopardy! Luke and Leia need me!”
“They can wait until morning,” the mom said. “Brush your teeth.”
“It’s a trap!” the kid said, brandishing a plastic lightsaber. “The Empire’s Starfleet approaches with evil intent! Prepare the deflector shields!!”
“Just put on your pajamas,” the mom suggested, holding out an incredible pair from Fun.com.
“I will never submit to the Dark Side!” the kid declared. “Wait…are those Star Wars pajamas?”
And the battle was won!
Product Details
Show yourself to be a Jedi master by getting your young Padawan a Star Wars 3 Piece Sleepwear Set for Kids! This officially licensed pajama set is perfect for winter or summer – just switch between the pairs of short or long pants. Both are made of soft polyester to be as comfortable as a Jedi’s robes. Images of X-wing starfighters and Star wars characters make the shirt x-tra awesome! The long pants are printed all over with Star Wars graphics. You won’t have to search your feelings to know that this pajama set will be an instant hit!
The Force Is Strong with You
Even Obi-Wan Kenobi would agree: these ARE the pajamas you’re looking for! The Star Wars 3 Piece Sleepwear Set for Kids will be as popular with your Jedi-to-be as the explosion of the first Death Star was with the Rebellion. To paraphrase Yoda, do check out this fantastic sleepwear, and do not delay – there is no try!

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